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Fertility Services


Welcome to the Fertility section of the Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust website.

The Fertility service is based within the Gynecology Outpatient Department at Leighton Hospital, and is situated on the second floor of the building above the Maternity Entrance.

The Fertility team aims to provide a rapid assessment and diagnostic service for couples who have difficulty in conceiving.

The aim of the team is to provide an efficient and professional but personal service through highly committed staff and responding to patient needs, providing support at each level either at a clinic appointment or by telephone.

How to access the Fertility Services

Patients can be referred to the Fertility Clinic by their General Practitioner.

New Patient Referrals

New referrals received from General Practitioners are reviewed by the Fertility team and investigations commenced.

Investigations Available:

  • hormone profile

  • semen analysis

  • tubal patency testing

  • laparoscopy and dye test under general anaesthetic

  • Anti mullerian hormone testing (on a self-fund basis)


Couples are then followed up and treatment commenced.

Treatments Available

  • Clomiphene citrate therapy and follicle tracking

  • IVF and ICSI treatment (both NHS funded and self-funded cycles)

  • Frozen embryo replacement

  • Natural cycle or using a down regulated drug cycle


There is no waiting list for NHS funded or self funded treatment

Funding for NHS treatment is requested directly from the patient’s Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Once funding is granted, an appointment will be offered and the IVF/ICSI treatment can commence.

Self fund treatment is where the couple pay for their treatment within the NHS (this is comparatively cheaper than in a private setting).

The monitoring of IVF/ICSI treatments is managed locally within the Fertility Unit. Egg collection and embryo replacement is organised at The Hewitt Centre, Liverpool Women’s Hospital, encompassing a State-of-the-art Assisted Conception Laboratory, IVF electronic witnessing, undisturbed culture, time lapsing (embryoscope) and the EeVA (early embryo visibility assessment)  which provides information to enable an 85% accuracy whether an embryo is likely to lead to pregnancy.


Counselling Services

Counselling support is provided by The Hewitt Centre at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, where support and mechanisms for coping can be provided either at an appointment in The Hewitt Centre or by telephone.

Contact Us

Fertility Clinic
Gynaecology Outpatient Department
Leighton Hospital
Middlewich Road

Tel: 01270 612181

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