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Can’t find what you are looking for?  Why not ask?


Please check the library catalogue first: http://libcat.chester.ac.uk/

You can borrow books from any University of Chester site or any North West Health Library for free using our inter-library loan service.

We can also get books from the British Library for you for £2 a book although this might cost a bit more if you work for another Trust.

You can also suggest new books or DVDs for us to buy by contacting Susan Smith, Senior Librarian Ext 3172 or email susan.smith@chester.ac.uk.

You can find a list of books recently added to the JET Library here.

If you make a suggestion for a new book we will get back to you with our decision about buying it within seven days.

Article requests

Looking for a journal article? 

All you need to do is click here and fill out our online form

We charge five pence a page if we get articles from other health libraries in the North West or £2 per article if we get them from the British Library although this might be more expensive if you work for another NHS Trust.

We try to get articles within 7 days (or 1 day for urgent requests) whenever we can.

Staff evidence search and enquiry service

We can also do a literature search for you. All you need to do is complete the literature search request form (print it out from the Related documents section) and email it to lr.leighton@chester.ac.uk.

We aim to do literature searches either by the date requested or within 1 week.

Service suggestions

We're always happy to have suggestions about how we can improve our service. You can use the comments box near the library's IT suite or you can write to Susan Smith, Senior Librarian, JET Library or email susan.smith@chester.ac.uk.

We will try to respond to your suggestions within two weeks if we can..

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