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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a selection of Frequently Asked Questions. This list will be continuously updated based on patient and visitor enquiries.


Where can I find a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are available for patients and visitors at Leighton Hospital in the Main Reception area and near the entrance to the Outpatients Department.  


How much is car parking?

Car parking at Leighton Hospital and the Victoria Infirmary is priced as follows: 

0-25 minutes - Free

25minutes - 4 hours - £3

4 hours - 24 hours - £5

24 hours - 7 days - £10

For further information, please see the Travel and Parking section of the website.

What do I need to bring into hospital?

The following is an example of things which you may wish to bring with you into hospital.

  • Clothing - night clothes, slippers, dressing gown, underwear

  • Toiletries - hairbrush, comb, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, flannel, towels (hand and bath), paper handkerchiefs

  • All the medication and drugs that you may be taking. If this isn't possible, then a copy of your GP prescription would be helpful

  • Your admission letter

  • Reading and writing materials, small change for newspapers


If you use or need the following, it may be useful to bring the following with you too:

  • Shaving equipment

  • Spectacles and hearing aids

  • Equipment such as a walking aid (if possible, please mark items with your name and postcode)


So that we can make an accurate record of your medications and to prevent any missed doses, please bring your medications into hospital. On arrival please hand them to the nursing staff. We will store your medications securely in a locked cabinet by your bedside. We ask you to continue to use your own medication throughout your stay and ensure you have at least two weeks supply to take home with you. Any medication changes during your stay will be supplied by the pharmacy. A pharmacist or pharmacy technician may be available on the ward to explain any changes and help with any medication problems or questions.


What should I not bring into hospital?

We regret that, as storage space is limited, we must ask you not to bring with you clothes that are not needed. However, as part of your recovery process, you may be encouraged to wear your ordinary clothes while you are in hospital. This may be an important part of your rehabilitation programme. 

We advise you not to bring in large quantities of money or valuables. It would be helpful, following your admission, if your relatives could take home any money or valuables. If for any reason your money or valuables must stay at the hospital, please inform the Ward Sister and arrangements will be made for it to be kept in the hospital safe. Cash will be banked in a patients account and the amount returned to you when you leave hospital. However, if it is a large amount of cash, it may be necessary to return some of it in the form of a cheque.
We regret that the Trust cannot accept liability for money/valuables which are not handed over for safe keeping.

Due to infection control and health and safety reasons, visitors are also respectfully asked not to bring in flowers or plants to be placed on patients' bedsides on Ward areas.


Where can I post a letter?

Leighton Hospital has two post boxes on site, which are collected on a regular basis. They are located outside the Main Entrance near to the Macmillan Centre, and near to the Residences area.

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