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Postgraduate frequently asked questions

Venues and Facilities:

How do I book a meeting room?

Email post.grad@mcht.nhs.uk and you will be sent a booking form to complete.

How many people can fit in a room?

75 in lecture hall, 25 in seminar room.

Can I use my own memory stick?

Yes in the Lecture Hall. No in the Seminar Room.

Can I use a Trust memory stick? 

Yes in all rooms.

Can I log on to my Trust account?

No in the Lecture Hall. Yes in the Seminar Room.

Where can I get a drink?

Water fountain in the Sitting Room, hot drinks available in main entrance and outpatients. Vending machines are in the JET Library.

Where are the nearest toilets?

Located in the Foyer next to the Sitting Room.

Can I book the centre outside office hours?  

Yes providing you take full responsibility for putting the room back as you found it and completing the necessary risk paperwork.  This will be advised when booking.

Do you do video conferencing?

This can be done by prior arrangement.

Do you print posters?

Yes, the charge is according to printed size.

Do you design posters?


When are the grand rounds? 

None at present.

Teaching and Simulation:

Do I have to attend teaching?

Yes, it’s mandatory unless you are on nights, annual leave, on call, sick leave and if this is the case then you must let Postgrad know.

When is regional teaching?

Details can be found on HEENW website.

Who do I contact regarding:

F1 Teaching


F2 teaching


Study leave


CMT teaching


Medical students (Year’s 3 & 4)


Medical students(Year 5)


Physician Associates










Annual Leave


Who is the Director of Medical Education? (DME)

Dr Simon Dowson, Consultant Paediatrician

Who is the Medical Education Manager?

Jack Fairhall, jack.fairhall@mcht.nhs.uk

I have a problem, who can I speak to?

Problem with performance

Educational/Clinical Supervisor in the first instance and then DME

Problem with consultant

As above, unless they are the problem then the DME

Problem with rota

Rota Manager / Service Manager

Problem with leave

Rota Manager / Service Manager

Problem with study leave


Being bullied

Educational/Clinical Supervisor in the first instance and then DME

Witnessing inappropriate behaviour

Educational/Clinical Supervisor in the first instance and then DME

You can always speak to the Postgraduate Medical Centre staff!

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