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What our staff say about us...

Paediatrics: Training rated as ‘exceptional’ by Paediatric ST3+ trainees (JDAT 2016)

Orthopaedics: 2nd best Department in the North West and Orthopaedic Trainer of the Year (Mr Stephen Duckett)

Medicine: "I am currently working closely with the education department as an Education Fellow following completion of my foundation training also here at Leighton. The atmosphere is what makes Leighton a good place to work; everyone here is always friendly and dependable." (Dr Laura Ellerton)

Post Foundation Doctor (F3): "By the end of the Foundation Programme I had narrowed down my options for what to specialise in, but was not ready to commit to one in particular. The 'Post-Foundation' job at Leighton was a fantastic opportunity to choose the specialities that I wanted either a new or more experience in, to work at ST1 level and to receive the benefits of having a clinical and educational supervisor. As a result, I got the job that I wanted in the perfect location as well as receiving positive feedback from my interview about the rationale for my F3 year."


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